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why us?

What can we offer?

NV ZEEVISGROOTHANDEL ANDRE always provides its clients with the best selection of high quality seafood. Our company executes control over the catch, its quality and all related logistics.

NV ZEEVISGROOTHANDEL ANDRE is a young and dynamic import and export company with its headquarters situated in Zeebrugge, which is Belgiums most important fishing-port and also takes part in the PEFA-system (Pan European Fish Auctions) = internet connected fish-auctions spread all over the Europe.

Our staff have many years of experience and are skilled in the continuously changing trade of both fresh and frozen seafood. Our goal is to meet the demands of the customers in wholesale, retail and others in the seafood-industry.

Our recently built factory equipped with a modern machine-park complies to the highest European standards and veterinary requirements.Therefore we have the possibility to produce a wide variety of processed seafood-products tailer-made to our clients specifications and requirements.


Quality control system

As well as having EEC approved production facilities, we have implemented the quality control system HACCP.We meet all the hygiene and sanitary requirements related to fish processing and we have microbiological tests carried out by a fully licensed and independent laboratory.

Operations influencing the quality management policy of the company include, among others:

- Procedures resulting in the product meeting the regulations of the domestic and foreign client.
- Upgrading the qualifications of the staff by organising trainings, and learning about new methods in the HACCP dossier.
- Looking for new raw materials meeting our highest standards.


Achievements of the company

Through all the years our aim hasn't been to become the biggest, but being the most innovative and competitive company seemed much more appealing to us. 

Becoming the preferred supplier to selected markets has been our goal and yet we can say we gain day by day. Also we insis on keeping an open communication and direct contract with each and everyone, meaning our clients but also the complete staff in the company and our suppliers. 

So we can say that our most important task is therefore to develop a long term cooperation, by constantly improving our quality and process, producing and selling a wide range of products, this of course at a competitive price.